YouTube Kids:YouTube adds its kid specific app to play store

YouTube Kids:YouTube adds its kid specific app to play store

After acquiring a global audience it became inevitable for google to release a children friendly app for its below-teenage base. Here is its official promo video:


(Scroll to the end or click here to download Youtube Kids .apk file)

YouTube Kids App? Whats so special?

Children have always loved watching videos and this app promises to help them with their curiosities through an extremely simple uncluttered user interface. As soon as the app is launched a number of shows can be seen which can be scrolled horizontally like a playlist with a beautiful music playing in the background.Options to listen to music, learn something new and explore something new today also exist which can be accessed by simply tapping the icons above.


Once a playlist is tapped on, a number of videos are shown which can be simply tapped to play.


When a video is being played, simply tapping on the screen reveals other videos in the playlist with the main video minimized. 


The search interface is also simple 



There is also an admin panel for this app from which you can access the various settings, which can be accessed by tapping on the bottom right lock button on the app. The next screen which pops up asks you to convert four numbers from text and input to access the settings page.


The settings gives you options to enable/disable background music, sound effects, as well as shows you privacy policy etc. You can also give feedback after you have input the code. A timer option is also present which allows you to auto-close the app after certain period of time.


However one thing this app really lacks in is that this app can operate only on landscape mode, and is designed basically for tablets. Another thing is that it doesn't need to be signed in with a google account and comments are neither visible, nor comments are made. Although being the only app in the market built with children in mind, its launched only for the US, which means other countries may not be able to download it. However we managed to get a copy and you can download it by clicking the download link below.

Download Youtube Kids APK (Free)

After downloading the above application, you can simply install it like a normal application in your android device.




After you have installed you can simply tap the icon to open it and explore how youtube can help your child :D

Let us know what you think of this new YouTube for children in the comments. And sharing is free, why not share this with your friends?
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Monday, 21 October 2019
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