Activate whatsapp voice calling feature in iPhone 5s (Jailbreak iOS)

Activate whatsapp voice calling feature in iPhone 5s (Jailbreak iOS)

With whatsapp calls released for beta testing on android and blackberry platforms, getting into whatsapp voice calls has become mainstream. Whatsapp has also reportedly started giving access to voice calls to its iOS fanbase, by allowing whatsapp calls to be placed via iphone 5s, iphone 6 and iphone 6+.


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I decided to publish step by step tutorial to get calls enabled, after we got tipped about the voice calls feature for iOS by emirates247 and BGR.

Whatsapp calls has not been released yet for the stable ios whatsapp build, but those who managed to install v2.12.0.1 managed to get calls working in their devices. To get whatsapp voice calls enabled, you need a jailbroken iphone and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Install Whatsapp v2.12.0.1 onto your jailbroken iphone

You need to install the latest whatsapp version which already includes whatsapp calling feature, you may download it from official whatsapp website and install it on your iPhone

Step 2: Add whatsapp enabling repository to your list of Cydia sources, and enable whatsappcallenabler from settings.

After installing whatsapp, launch Cydia and include iMokholes repository to the list of Cydia sources. You will see an option to install WhatsAppCallEnabler from cydia settings, install and enable it to get callling feature enabled.

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Step 3: Time to get whatsapp voice calls working

Like every other user who got calls enabled, you now need to get called by someone who has whatsapp calls enabled. This can be impossible if you dont know someone who has whatsapp calls enabled, you may join our facebook whatsapp calls group to get calls enabled.


Thats it, you have successfully enabled whatsapp voice calls for your iOS device. Feel free to share this with your friends owning iOS devices. Comments are welcome, if you have any queries.

Invite your friends to whatsapp calls by clicking here from a mobile device

[Disclaimer: I do not recommend jailbreaking you device, nor am I responsible if something worse happens in the process. Cydia is not an apple approved application, installing it may involve risks and other security concerns.]

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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