The science of deduction

Hey, everyone. This blog is a collection of my experience with the science of deduction. I presume you all have read the Sherlock books. As a science student, I find Holmes's methods of observation and deduction quite interesting and useful.

But it's applications are not limited to solving crimes or scientific problems. It has applications in every sphere of life. Psychologists believe that we have two modes of thinking. The quick decision maker and the the more contemplative mode. Our quick decision maker is responsible for stereotyping people, or other snap decisions that we regret later in life.

In this blog, I present to you various mind exercise, or games, if you will. These will help you develop a keener sense of observation and a more contemplative mind. I believe these skills will help you in whichever sphere of work you are in, and to some extent, make better decisions. 


Every College Has Such 'Professors'! :D
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Monday, 21 October 2019
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